May 16, 2021

The Coming Transformation of the Muslim World

    Volume 3, No. 3 September 2020 THE COMING TRANSFORMATION OF THE MUSLIM WORLD* By Dale F. Eickelman Like the printing press in sixteenth-century Europe, the combination of mass education and mass communications is transforming the Muslim majority world, a broad geographical crescent stretching from North Africa through Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Indonesian archipelago. In unprecedentedly large numbers, the faithful -- whether in the vast cosmopolitan city … [Read more...]

U.S. Foreign Policy and Rogue States


Volume 3, No. 3 September 2020 U.S. FOREIGN POLICY AND ROGUE STATES* By Barry Rubin EDITOR'S SUMMARY:  At first, the concept of "rogue state" in U.S. foreign policy might seem a recent and rather arbitrary phrase. In fact, however, it proves to be a remarkably useful concept in understanding American foreign policy, especially with reference to the Middle East. This category helps define U.S. interactions with such states as Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. But it also may reveal … [Read more...]

Middle East Economies: A Survey of Current Problems and Issues

  Volume 3, No. 3 September 2020 MIDDLE EAST ECONOMIES: A SURVEY OF CURRENT PROBLEMS AND ISSUES By Ali R. Abootalebi Editor's Summary: This article examines broad trends in Middle Eastern economies and development strategy, finding many problems and shortcomings. The author points to the lack of structural reform as well as effects in global economic developments as prime problems here. Despite the continued (though reduced) influx of oil money, regional development remains … [Read more...]

A Study of Iran’s Responses to U.S. Economic Sanctions

  Volume3, No.3September1999 A  STUDY OF IRAN's RESPONSES TO U.S. ECONOMIC SANCTIONS  By Hooman Estelami Editor's Note: This article explains how Iran has responded to U.S. economic sanctions, filling a generally ignored dimension in the discussion of sanctions' policy. It also presents a good picture of the contemporary Iranian economy. For close to two decades, U.S. foreign policy has aimed at limiting the economic development of post-revolutionary Iran. In recent … [Read more...]

The Rise of the Islamist Movement in Turkey

  Volume 3, No. 3 September 2020 THE RISE OF THE ISLAMIST MOVEMENT IN TURKEY  By Nilufer Narli Editor's Summary: The author analyzes the rise of the Islamist movement in Turkey and the bases of its popular support through four successive Islamist political parties-National Order, National Salvation, Welfare, and Virtue-which have tried to represent the Islamist cause.  The author shows that, aside from the factor of religion itself, much of the party's appeal is based on … [Read more...]

The Enigma of Stability in the Persian Gulf Monarchies

  Volume 3, No. 3 September 2020 THE ENIGMA OF POLITICAL STABILITY IN THE PERSIAN GULF MONARCHIES  By Daniel L. Byman and Jerrold D. Green Editor's Summary: The stability of Gulf Arab monarchies has been remarkable given the high level of regional conflict and the unsteadiness of other countries in the region. The authors first analyze all the reasons why those states might be expected to face major internal unsteadiness, then discuss the policies governments have followed … [Read more...]

Liberal Islam: Prospects and Challenges

  Volume 3, No. 3 September 2020  LIBERAL ISLAM: PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES  By Charles Kurzman Editor's Summary: The author suggests that there is an important and growing group in Middle Eastern Islam which advocates liberal solutions to the problems of religion and society. Professor Kurzman outlines the different approaches of these thinkers and the reasons for the rise of this school of thought in recent years. For other articles on the political debate within Islam, … [Read more...]

Radical Islam in Egypt: A Comparison of Two Groups

  Volume 3, No. 3 - September 1999  RADICAL ISLAM IN EGYPT: A COMPARISON OF TWO GROUPS By David Zeidan EDITOR'S SUMMARY: The author compares two key Egyptian radical Islamic groups, the Society of Muslims (Takfir wal-Hijra) and the Society of Struggle (Jama'at al-Jihad) and analyzes their differences in doctrine and strategy. This study is presented in the context of a broader examination of the history of militant Islamic groups in Egypt. The author argues that the two … [Read more...]