August 10, 2020

The Struggle for Identity in Post-Soviet Tajikistan

  Volume 3, No. 4- December 1999 THE STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY IN POST-SOVIET TAJIKISTAN By William O. Beeman  Abstract: All new nations face a struggle in constructing a national identity for themselves. This article examines Tajikistan as a particularly interesting case of this issue. The task of nation-building in Tajikistan involves wrestling with factors such as religion, ethnicity, linguistic heritage, and regional loyalties, in a particularly difficult regional … [Read more...]

Can the Multilateral Middle East Talks Be Revived

  Volume 3, No. 4 - December 1999 CAN THE MULTILATERAL MIDDLE EAST TALKS BE REVIVED? By Joel Peters Abstract: Ehud BarakĂ?ÂŻĂ?ÂżĂ?½s election signaled renewed optimism for Israel-Palestinian and Israel-Syrian peace negotiations after three years of strained relations.  In light of the new environment, the author assesses whether the multilateral Arab-Israeli peace talks can or should also be revived. Given the difficulties the talks have encountered over the past three … [Read more...]

The Alevi of Anatolia

    Volume 3, No. 4 - December 1999 THE ALEVI OF ANATOLIA By David Zeidan Abstract: Many Middle Eastern state governments, including Turkey, have tended to deny or ignore ethnic diversity, promote one specific identity as unitary, monolithic, and characteristic of the entire population.  In Turkey, the suppression of minority identities has affected the little-known Alevi population, an ethnic group that has not received much attention in the english-speaking world.  … [Read more...]

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Elements of Instability Within Stability

  Volume 3, No. 4 - December 1999 THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA: ELEMENTS OF INSTABILITY WITHIN STABILITY* By Daryl Champion Abstract:  This article evaluates the social and economic changes that have occurred in Saudi Arabia and their potential to destabilize the kingdom. A sagging economy, youth unemployment, and a lack of sufficient political development, if combined with other weaknesses, have the potential to topple the ruling regime. But, the author concludes that … [Read more...]

VOL. 3 No. 4 - December 1999


VOL. 3 No. 4 - December 1999 VOL. 3 No. 4 - December 1999 Editor: Professor Barry Rubin Assistant Editors: Linda Sharaby and Cameron Brown Research Assistant: Ozgul Erdemli TABLE OF CONTENTS Post Author Title (shortened) Adobe Acrobat Version   1 A.W. Samii THE CONTEMPORARY IRANIAN NEWS MEDIA, 1998-1999 Acrobat Format   2 Eytan Gilboa and Yaron Katz THE MEDIA CAMPAIGN: THE SHIFT TO ALTERNATIVE MEDIA Acrobat … [Read more...]

External Factors in Israel’s 1999 Elections


  Volume 3, No. 4 - December 1999 EXTERNAL FACTORS IN ISRAEL'S 1999 ELECTIONS By Barry Rubin Abstract: Israel's 1999 elections drew considerable international interest, but claims of foreign interference are exaggerated. The statements and preferences of Arab leaders reveal much about their understanding and views of Israel, while American officials were careful not to directly enter the fray, despite perceptions to the contrary. Russia�s introduction into … [Read more...]

The Media Campaign: The Shift to Alternative Media

  Volume 3, No. 4 - December 1999 The Media Campaign: The Shift to Alternative Media* By Eytan Gilboa with Yaron Katz Abstract: The author argues that the media played a more important role in IsraelĂ?ÂŻĂ?ÂżĂ?½s 1999 election than ever before.  He describes the different candidates and parties, and their strategies, and the challenges they faced in targeting a diverse array of interest groups, including Russian immigrants and Israeli Arabs.  He also discusses the use … [Read more...]

The Contemporary Iranian News Media, 1998-1999

  Volume 3, No. 4- December 1999 THE CONTEMPORARY IRANIAN NEWS MEDIA, 1998-1999* By A.W. Samii Abstract: Control of the press has become one of the central battlefields for the factional political struggle within Iran. Newspapers supporting President Muhammad Khatami are closed or harassed, as are those whose criticisms of government policy or the regime's ideology go too far in the eyes of the powerful conservative faction there.  Examining developments regarding the media … [Read more...]