January 28, 2021

Lebanese Leader Condemns Prof. Rubin’s Nazis, Islamists Book; British Telegraph Disagrees

Walid Jumblatt

In his condemnation of the Israeli response to the situation in Gaza, prominent Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt has spoken out against the late Prof. Barry Rubin and Wolfgang G. Schwanitz's latest book, Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East (Yale University Press:  2014). From an article in the Lebanese Daily Star: In response to the book “Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East” by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang G. Schwanitz, Jumblatt condemned … [Read more...]

Desperately Seeking Relevance

A protester leads a group of Egyptians in anti-Muslim Brotherhood chants, November 30, 2012. (Y. Weeks/VOA)

Jerusalem Post, 25/7 The conflict between Hamas-controlled Gaza and Israel became inevitable after a series of decisions and actions made clear that the movement was not interested in defusing tensions and returning to the cease-fire that had shakily pertained since 2012. These actions included the attempt to infiltrate a terrorist team into Zikim on July 8, the continued firing of rockets after the rejection of the Egyptian cease-fire proposal, the failure to respect the humanitarian … [Read more...]

Foreign Policy Farce: U.S. Conduct of Israel = Palestinian Peace Process


Let's consider what has just happened. A farce.    What is shocking is the lack of outrage by mainstream journalists and foreign policy opinion-makers. This has required the slanderous consignment of normal and proper and competent foreign policy practices--as would have been demanded and done at any time in U.S. history--to silly partisanship that isn't even worth discussing.   The United States of America officially announced the resumption of negotiations when they are nowhere near … [Read more...]

The Resurgence of the Regimes in the Arab World


PJ Media, 19/7:     The toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt by the army is an event of historic importance. It is important chiefly because it represents an enormous setback in a process which only a few months ago looked inexorable and unstoppable. That process was the replacement of the military-republic regimes in the Arab world by new regimes based on Sunni Islamism, with franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood most prominent among them. The setback … [Read more...]

Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan Racist Against Obama; So Why Does Obama Idolize Him


One of the key factors about revolutionary Islamism is that it is an innately ant-American and racist doctrine. Usually this is seen through antisemitism or ant-Christian views (since in the case of Islam, religion now seems to have been reintepreted as a race when convenient) but sometimes there are different, but not highly publicized examples, such as the racism employed against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Palestinian and other Arabic newspaper cartoons. Can you imagine how the … [Read more...]

Egypt: A Teachable Moment


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 4, 2020   Egypt is an amazing story and its meaning for the region is earthshaking. The apparent tidal wave of advance for revolutionary Islamism has been flicked aside by the courage of millions of Egyptians but—let’s remember—it would have been futile if the army had not taken their side. Just as on this spot 150 years ago to the day, another such great battle ended.   There are many lessons in this and here is a brief discussion. A cautionary note: … [Read more...]

“Chaos in Middle East Grows as the U.S. Focuses on [Harassing] Israel”

I. Here's the story of the Middle East and of U.S. policy over decades in a few words  in a headline from an article by Mark Landler and Jodi Rudoren:. "Chaos in Middle East Grows as the U.S. Focuses on Israel" I'd call it: Kerry Shuttles as the Middle East Burns Once again the United States is too busy trying to get the Holy Grail of Arab-Israeli peace while every country is in turmoil. Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran, etc., are in dangerous crises. Yet the White House stays wake at … [Read more...]

Obama Doctrine: Backing Middle East Radicals After 10 Previous Western Failures


There is a long history of Western powers believing that they could manipulate or work with radical Arabic-speaking states or movements to redo the regional order. All have ended badly. –During the 1880s and 1890s, Germany became convinced that it could turn the forces of jihad against British, French, and Russian rivals. The kaiser presented himself as the Muslim world’s friend and German propaganda even hinted that their ruler had converted to Islam. –In World War One, the Germans … [Read more...]

How to Understand Islamism: Read What its Leaders Really Say


To read Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s 1984 book, Islamic Education and Hasan al-Bana, is to get an Islamic education. Nobody should be allowed to talk about Islam or political Islamism without having read this or similar texts. Just as Marx claimed in the “Communist Manifesto” for his movement, the Islamists, too, disdain to conceal their aims. Yet those who don’t read their actual texts, speeches, and debates but only their public relations’ misinformation know nothing. It’s easy to see … [Read more...]

Kerry’s Embarrassing “Peace Process” Obsession


There’s an old saying: it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to speak and prove it. That is Secretary of State John Kerry’s problem. What is remarkable is how Kerry has painted himself into a corner, not just staking his term as secretary of state on making Israel-Palestinian peace but in doing so in a matter of weeks. “If we do not succeed now, we may not get another chance,” Kerry told the American Jewish Committee.  ”I have heard all of the … [Read more...]