October 4, 2020


Antisemitic graffiti, New York, 2012.

PDF version available here At just the right moment in global history, the Anti-Defamation League[1] of the B’nai Brith organization[2] has released new data on antisemitism in over 100 countries.[3] This data is based on solid opinion surveys and for the first time includes large parts of the Muslim world, not only Western countries.[4] This article presents these data with rankings and maps and then examines some of the most important implications of these data, including possible … [Read more...]

Art in Israel, 1948-2008: A Partial Panorama

The conjunctional term “Israeli art” indicates a theoretical dependence among art, the state, and the nation.  In fact, Israel’s May 1948 declaration of independence took place in the building that housed the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.  The neutral space of art thus became the legal space of the official birth of the Israeli nation.The foundation of the Bezalel School in Jerusalem in 1906 is considered by Israeli art historians as the beginning of Israeli art.[#1] The … [Read more...]

Approved in Islam, Denounced by the State: The Representation of Polygamy in Egyptian Popular Cinema, 1950s-1970s

Published by the GLORIA Center,Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya Volume 11, No. 1, Article 8/11 - March 2007Total Circulation 23,500 APPROVED IN ISLAM, DENOUNCED BY THE STATE: THE REPRESENTATION OF POLYGAMY IN EGYPTIAN POPULAR CINEMA, 1950s-1970sShmulik Bachar* For many centuries, polygamy has been one of the pillars of Muslim patriarchal society, based on Koranic permission for men to be married to up to four women at the same time. In the last century, … [Read more...]

Why Arabs Lose Wars

  Volume 4, No. 1- March 2000 Why Arabs Lose Wars  By Norville de Atkine Abstract: The author argues that the reasons for Arab armies' perpetual ineffectiveness are rooted in Arab culture. Social factors that prohibit success include: secrecy and paranoia, pride, class structure, a lack of coordination on all levels, and little individual freedom or initiative. Arabic-speaking armies have been generally ineffective in the modern era. Egyptian regular forces did poorly … [Read more...]