November 4, 2020


As the Asad regime’s most loyal Palestinian proxy, the PFLP-GC’s role in the conflict in Syria is of great importance. Currently, the group’s interests center on countering Syrian rebel forces in Syria and their allies in Lebanon. In this role, the PFLP-GC has suffered a number of significant losses, and for the first time in its existence is being pressed in all areas it operates. This article will focus on the Syrian Civil War’s effects on the PFLP-GC and what the future may hold for … [Read more...]



  Western governments, experts, and journalists have long assumed that an Israel-Palestinian or comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace agreement ending the conflict was near at hand and easily achieved. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite. Indeed, there has not been any real “peace process” or real chance for a diplomatic solution since the Palestinian leadership rejected a deal in 2000. This article examines the factors that, on one hand, make the “peace process” deceased and, … [Read more...]



  This article will observe the process whereby Hamas has consolidated and maintained its rule in Gaza. It will argue that the gradual strengthening of the Gaza leadership within Hamas preceded the upheavals of 2011. The fallout from the events in Egypt and Syria, however, served to accelerate and accentuate the process whereby the Gaza leadership made gains at the expense of the external leadership. Click here to download the PDF version of this article. INTRODUCTION The … [Read more...]


Assuming that Iran does indeed obtain nuclear weapons and Israel doesn’t launch an attack on its facilities, what is Israel’s “plan B” to deal with the new situation? This article analyzes the issue. Click here to download the PDF version of this article. INTRODUCTION Despite substantial sanctions designed to curb its nuclear program, Iran has refused to bend to international pressure. It has consistently violated U.N. resolutions calling for it to abandon its uranium enrichment … [Read more...]

Goldstone’s Gaza Report: Part Two: A Miscarriage of Human Rights

[CLICK HERE TO READ PART I] PART II: WHY? GENEALOGY OF THE “GOLDSTONE REPORT”    In order to understand how the Goldstone Report, with all its pervasive flaws, came into existence, one must first appreciate the culture from which it arose. The pattern is largely as follows: Palestinians create alleged facts or information--often through the formal reports, and finally it makes up most of the Goldstone report, without any real critical evaluation taking place at any … [Read more...]

Goldstone’s Gaza Report: Part One: A Failure of Intelligence

  [CLICK HERE TO READ PART II] INTRODUCTION[1]   In response to the Israeli attack on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead (December 27-January 18, 2009), several major NGOs and public figures called for an investigation. On April 3, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) appointed a “Fact-Finding Mission.” The mission was made up of four members, including Hina Jilani, Desmond Travers, Christine Chinkin, and at its head, Richard Goldstone, former member of the South … [Read more...]

Forward to the Past: The Fall and Rise of the ‘One-State Solution


    Volume 12, No. 3 - September 2008, Total Circulation 25,000 Article 7 of 7 FORWARD TO THE PAST: THE FALL AND RISE OF THE 'ONE-STATE SOLUTION Jonathan Spyer* Deeply embedded in Palestinian nationalism is the notion that Israeli Jewish identity is analogous to that of communities born of European colonialism, which are not seen as having legitimate claim to self-determination. No reconsidering of this … [Read more...]

Judicial Review of Israeli Administrative Actions Against Terrorism: Temporary Deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank to Gaza

Volume 8, No. 1 - March 2004 JUDICIAL REVIEW OF ISRAELI ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS AGAINST TERRORISM: TEMPORARY DEPORTATION OF PALESTINIANS FROM THE WEST BANK TO GAZA By Kenneth Mann To discourage would-be Palestinian suicide bombers, the Israeli government initiated a policy of ordering family members of those involved in terrorism to move temporarily from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. The legal case initiated by three deportees provides an interesting look into how a democratic society … [Read more...]

Palestinian Economy, Society, and the Second Intifada

      Volume 6, No. 3 - September 2002 PALESTINIAN ECONOMY, SOCIETY, AND THE SECOND INTIFADA       By Ariel BenYishay This article analyzes the Palestinian economy and related social issues during the 1990s which played a role in the outbreak of the second intifada in September 2000. After an initial "honeymoon" period, the Palestinian public began demanding increased accountability from its leadership, and eventually placed the blame for the … [Read more...]

The Intifada: Revealing the Chasm

 Editor's Summary: The outbreak of a new Palestinian uprising (intifada) in September 2000 is analyzed by examining Palestinian perceptions and activities.  This article discusses the causes of this development, analyzes Palestinian strategy, and talks of differing Palestinian and Israeli views on the course of the peace process. It also discusses the standpoints of leaders and of public opinion toward these events.   The outbreak of a new Palestinian uprising (intifada) … [Read more...]