July 22, 2020

U.S.-Israel Relations Tense

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel shakes hands with Israeli Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya'alon, in Tel Aviv, Israel, April 22, 2013.

After Secretary of State John Kerry made a statement that was critical of Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Ya’alon issued a statement implying that Kerry should just get his Nobel Peace Prize and find something better to do. Ya’alon suggested that the proposed peace plan set too narrow parameters for Israel. Ya’alon’s statement gained widespread, multi-partisan support from rabbis, starting with about 350 backers. This was an unprecedented level of support for a public … [Read more...]

Supporting the “Peace Process” and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: Misinformation

There's an Arab proverb that goes like this: When an enemy extends his hand to you cut it off. If you can't, kiss it. Who do you think is being classified as the cutting or the kissing treatment today?     In contrast to the let's-empower-our enemies approach, two of the best Middle East expert journalists in the world have just written from different perspectives on the real Middle East and the results are refreshing. But in other media the odds are fixed at four to one … [Read more...]

Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks to Be Renewed in Washington


Haaretz has reported an Israeli government announcement that negotiations will resume in Washington on Tuesday. The basis is supposed to be the 1967 lines--presumable with minor border modifications?--and recognition of Israel by the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a '"Jewish state."  The PA has repeatedly said it would never do so.It should be remembered that such talks were conducted between 1991 and 2000 without any actual progress toward a final status solution. They were then … [Read more...]

Foreign Policy Farce: U.S. Conduct of Israel = Palestinian Peace Process


Let's consider what has just happened. A farce.    What is shocking is the lack of outrage by mainstream journalists and foreign policy opinion-makers. This has required the slanderous consignment of normal and proper and competent foreign policy practices--as would have been demanded and done at any time in U.S. history--to silly partisanship that isn't even worth discussing.   The United States of America officially announced the resumption of negotiations when they are nowhere near … [Read more...]

Kerry Runs Around in Rings


Once again a lot of people think that Secretary of State John Kerry is on the verge of making a breakthrough toward peace. The problem is that these people believe that the contenders were born yesterday, that they have no constraints whatsoever. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has no intention of making peace. It only wants to get concessions and blame Israel for an absence of peace. It knows that the Obama Administration will never punish it if it balks but probably will only offer it … [Read more...]

Why “Progress” Toward Israel-Palestinian “Peace” Is More Likely to Bring Regional Instability


Secretary of State John Kerry has in his head every what-should-be-discredited cliché about the Middle East firmly ensconced in his head. Of course, he is not alone. I just briefed a European diplomat who came up with the exact formulation I’m going to deal with in a moment. What is disconcerting—though long familiar—is that Western policymakers hold so many ideas that are totally out of touch with reality. They do not allow these assumptions to be questioned. On the contrary, it is … [Read more...]