July 24, 2020

America’s Real “Dangerous Slide” Is to Be on the Wrong Side in the World

Would you ever imagine that the leading American newspaper would openly advocate siding with Islamist forces in the Middle East against all of America's allies and friends, and I mean with eyes wide open and with full awareness that it sought to overthrow them? Well, the day has come. How has the argument for this strategy, which the Obama Administration, is already pursuing, being made? A New York Times July 30th editorial entitled “Egypt’s Dangerous Slide” shows a real … [Read more...]

Now We Know the Truth: What’s Behind U.S. “Peace Process” Policy

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, and Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat address reporters on the Middle East Peace Process Talks at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on July 30, 2013. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

At last we have an explanation for what has been going on with Israel-Palestinian talks. It is credible yet ridiculous. And it is very important. Here is today’s New York Times. “In recent weeks, Mr. Kerry and his aides have outlined several basic arguments for why his efforts might bear fruit. Perhaps the most important one, which Mr. Kerry advanced almost the moment he was picked for the State Department post, is that the United States does not have the luxury of staying on the … [Read more...]

Victory Without Obama


Kerry shuttle diplomacy? Ha. Let's talk about what is really going on in the Middle East: Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 25, 2020   At the assault on Lookout Mountain, the Union advance faltered against the Confederate lines high atop Missionary Ridge. Suddenly Union soldiers spontaneously advanced without orders led by six flag-bearers, one of them Arthur MacArthur, father of Douglas MacArthur. A Union officer remembered:   “Each battalion assumed a triangular shape, the colors at … [Read more...]

How the Syrian Civil War and Egyptian Coup Positively Transform Israel’s Strategic Situation


There are some subtle issues coming out of the Syrian civil war for Israel. It is clear that Israel is neutral on the war, that it isn’t going to get dragged into it, and that the longer the war goes on it doesn’t damage Israeli national security. It should be equally clear, however, that in the end Israel wants the rebels to win. Syria’s regime is supported by Hizballah, Iran, and the Assad government. These are the greater of the two evils. The coup against Egypt’s Muslim … [Read more...]

Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan Racist Against Obama; So Why Does Obama Idolize Him


One of the key factors about revolutionary Islamism is that it is an innately ant-American and racist doctrine. Usually this is seen through antisemitism or ant-Christian views (since in the case of Islam, religion now seems to have been reintepreted as a race when convenient) but sometimes there are different, but not highly publicized examples, such as the racism employed against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Palestinian and other Arabic newspaper cartoons. Can you imagine how the … [Read more...]

At last, the Secret of President Barack Obama’s Middle East Policy Revealed, No Kidding


A statement by two National Security Council senior staff members has revealed the inner thinking of President Barack Obama. It is of incredible importance and I plead with you to read it. If you do you will comprehend fully what’s going on with U.S. foreign policy. Egypt, Egypt, Egypt…There are more words written about this event than demonstrators in Tahrir Square. But,  what, to quote a recent secretary of state, difference does it make? A great deal indeed. First, let’s remember … [Read more...]

Great Moments in U.S. Diplomatic History! A Quiz


The young Teddy Roosevelt studying foreign policy from his cat, Slippers. Speak softly but carry a big claw. In this test, find which entry does not belong on this list. 1914: President Woodrow Wilson allies with Britain and France to fight autocracy in World War One and “make the world safe for democracy.” 1941: President Franklin Roosevelt allies with Britain, France, and the USSR to fight fascism and destroy it. 1947: President Harry Truman allies with the Free World to fight … [Read more...]

Egypt: A Teachable Moment


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 4, 2020   Egypt is an amazing story and its meaning for the region is earthshaking. The apparent tidal wave of advance for revolutionary Islamism has been flicked aside by the courage of millions of Egyptians but—let’s remember—it would have been futile if the army had not taken their side. Just as on this spot 150 years ago to the day, another such great battle ended.   There are many lessons in this and here is a brief discussion. A cautionary note: … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Middle East Policy: See What I’ve Been Trying to Tell You?

photo: White House

A self-interview   First, I want to apologize that I have often used intemperate language to describe U.S. policy and the people making it in the last 4.5 years. Perhaps I have put off some of you who would otherwise have been persuaded that something is very wrong. Therefore, I have tried to do another version of this approach. Remember, I'm not responsible for the way the questions are phrased here. Q: How can the United States become the ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, a one-time Nazi … [Read more...]

Note to President Obama: Don’t Back America’s and Israel’s Enemies


President Obama: I'm sure that in the next few hours, as you visit Israel, you will say many nice things, that you will receive a warm welcome, and that everyone you meet will speak of you as a wonderful president and a great friend. That's fine. But here's what you need to know, what's of the greatest importance that nobody is going to say to your face.... One Middle Eastern saying that has become widely known in the West is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In the Obama era, this … [Read more...]