July 22, 2020

In Egypt, Army Threatens Coup while U.S. Policy has backed the Regime


  The news that the army has given a 48 hour ultimatum that unless stability returns it will step in has proven the headline of this article correct. Is the one-year-old experiment in Egyptian democracy going to end in the way that could have happened much easier in February 2011--that is a continuity of the regime without Mubarak'?I should be sufficiently cautious to say that it is possible if everyone played nice they will stop BUT why should the opposition leave when they want the … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia/United States: Strange Bedfellows in the Middle East


What is the difference between Saudi and U.S. policy in the Arabic-speaking Middle East? It’s complex but fascinating and if you can understand the weird twists and turns in this situation you can understand the Middle East. While the two countries may appear aligned in fact–and often when they have the same goals–their policies differ extensively. And the Saudis are not always wrong. Arguably, they are pursuing their own interests more effectively than is the United States. The Saudis … [Read more...]

When Terrorists Fall Out You Know Jihad is Doomed


One of the reasons why the Middle East situation is less fearsome than it might seem is that the radicals and terrorists are not united at all but battle among themselves for tactical, doctrinal, ethnic, and ambition-related reasons. Despite their daily, bloodthirsty howls for Israel’s destruction, for example, three groups are at odds: –The Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt wants to revolutionize the Middle East but is putting the priority on entrenching its power in Egypt itself, … [Read more...]

Jordan’s King Warns Obama; America Backs Muslim Brotherhood Agent as Syria’s Next Ruler

Photo: White House

  ”Don’t scare anyone. But once you gain ground then move ahead. You must utilize as many people as possible who may be of use to us.” –Joseph Stalin to future Communist dictator of Hungary Mattyas Rakosi, December 5, 1944. It really isn’t too hard to understand what is happening in the Middle East if you watch the facts. 1. Jordan’s King Abdallah, who President Barack Obama just visited, is clearly telling us what’s going wrong: that the Muslim Brotherhood is … [Read more...]

As Obama Continues Israel Visit, His Themes Are Reinforced


As President Barack Obama continued his visit to Israel, the themes remained the same as the ones I covered with theprior post. The two main public events were a speech by Obama to Israeli university students, and a joint press conference with Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas. In his speech, Obama spoke at great length about Israel’s history, concerns, and related matters to try to show that he “gets it” when it comes to Israel. The phrases were in many cases similar to … [Read more...]

Why, As President, Obama is a Disaster and Why, As a Country, Israel Should Applaud Obama


On the eve of President Obama's first visit to Israel as chief executive, I have just returned from briefing a high-ranking official of country x about the Middle East. We kept coming back to a vital theme: the incredibly shrinking power of the United States. Try to explain American behavior to neutral, open-minded third parties for whom U.S. policy activities have become just plain bizarre! One of my recent articles for example, published here, shows how terrorists, including the murderers … [Read more...]

Why Obama Should Postpone Giving Advanced Weapons to Egypt: A Guide for Congress

Different Times (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

They were celebrating in Cairo the arrival of four new U.S. F-16s and the likelihood that the United States would give $2 billion in aid to Egypt this year. Yet given the ongoing violence in Egypt and the Islamist regime’s declaration of a state of emergency in three governates—a policy it and other opposition groups always rejected under the previous government—it is reasonable for the United States to postpone military gifts of F16s, advanced tanks, and other weapons to … [Read more...]

Why Chuck Hagel is Really So Scary: He’s Typical of the Current Rulers


“Joab came to the king [David] in his quarters and said, ‘Today you have humiliated all your followers, who this day saved your life, and the lives of your sons and daughters … by showing love for those who hate you and hate for those who love you. For you have made clear today that the officers and men mean nothing to you.’” — II Samuel, 19: 6-7 If Chuck Hagel is so much dumber than you are, why is he the one being nominated by President Barack Obama to be secretary of defense? … [Read more...]