July 24, 2020

“Chaos in Middle East Grows as the U.S. Focuses on [Harassing] Israel”

I. Here's the story of the Middle East and of U.S. policy over decades in a few words  in a headline from an article by Mark Landler and Jodi Rudoren:. "Chaos in Middle East Grows as the U.S. Focuses on Israel" I'd call it: Kerry Shuttles as the Middle East Burns Once again the United States is too busy trying to get the Holy Grail of Arab-Israeli peace while every country is in turmoil. Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran, etc., are in dangerous crises. Yet the White House stays wake at … [Read more...]

What Obama Didn’t Say: Peace Requires More than Israeli Willpower


I don’t have big problems with what President Barack Obama said in his lecture to Israeli students. He said that peace is good, that peace is good for Israel, that peace is possible, and that people should work for peace and conciliation. All fine sentiments. The students applauded wildly because they didn’t think he was attacking Israel but voicing the sentiments they already hold, indeed that most Israelis and their leaders have held for decades. The only problem is that Obama … [Read more...]

Did Israel `Apologize’ to Turkey? Well, No, Not Exactly


Israel apologizes to Turkey, reads every headline. That simply isn’t true in the sense it is taken to imply. To understand what happened one must examine the long negotiations on this issue. The issue began when several ships were sent to break the Israeli sanctions on the Gaza Strip in May 2010. These sanctions were put on by Israel—Egypt, then under the government of President Husni Mubarak, had its own restrictions—against a radical Islamist regime in the Gaza Strip that openly … [Read more...]

Why Chuck Hagel is Really So Scary: He’s Typical of the Current Rulers


“Joab came to the king [David] in his quarters and said, ‘Today you have humiliated all your followers, who this day saved your life, and the lives of your sons and daughters … by showing love for those who hate you and hate for those who love you. For you have made clear today that the officers and men mean nothing to you.’” — II Samuel, 19: 6-7 If Chuck Hagel is so much dumber than you are, why is he the one being nominated by President Barack Obama to be secretary of defense? … [Read more...]

Secretary of State Kerry Shows He Doesn’t Have a Clue About How Foreign Policy Works


During his confirmation hearings, Secretary of State-designate John Kerry was only given a tough time by one questioner, Senator Rand Paul. The exchange between them is interesting not just because of the specific topic, but also because of what it shows about basic foreign policy philosophy — and ignorance — on Kerry’s part. It is a genuine problem. The leader of a “friendly” nation has been exposed for making anti-Semitic remarks. The United States wants to continue aid to avoid … [Read more...]