July 22, 2020

Snapshots from the Real Middle East


These are all personal observations, selected from a much longer personal list: –The Palestinian Christian man is desperate. Can I help him get out of the country? He’s scared of the Islamists. Can I help him  get his son to university in America? The situation is intolerable. Something is worked out with a little help from me. –The Druze woman is desperate. She has  a boyfriend her family doesn’t approve of. With help from some Israelis she is smuggled to a safe place. –The … [Read more...]

Now U.S. Policy Is Really, Truly Going to Make Middle East Peace, No Kidding!


Ridicule is often the best response to U.S. Middle East policy. Example: Secretary of State John Kerry is supposed to restart the Israel-Palestinian peace process. How? By having Israel release Palestinian prisoners. The number 120 has been mentioned. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happier if Kerry spends all of his time doing that then: On the somewhat positive side, U.S. policy will focus on economic development of the West Bank which means giving the Palestinian Authority more money. This … [Read more...]

Breaking News: President Obama to Visit Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan In March

President Obama and PM Netanyahu (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama will visit Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan in March. Political Analysis I’m not against this visit but I think it is a mistake on Obama’s part. Here’s why. While such a visit would resolve previous criticism that Obama never visited Israel as president, it is a mistake, especially given the timing, for a number of reasons. --Obama will have a new foreign policy team which won’t have much time to evaluate the situation and what it wants … [Read more...]