August 10, 2020

The Persian Gulf After the Cold War: Old Pattern; New Era


  Volume 3, No. 2 - June 1999 THE PERSIAN GULF AFTER THE COLD WAR: OLD PATTERN; NEW ERA By Barry Rubin By virtue of its oil resources and consequent income, the Persian Gulf region is one of the world's key strategic areas. It has also been the scene of some of the most intensive geopolitical competition and violence. How has the Gulf area's situation changed in the post-Cold War period? Background and Contemporary Issues To begin with, several interlocking points should be … [Read more...]

The Palestinian Security Services: Between Police and Army


Greece and the Middle East

      Volume 3, No. 2 June 2020 GREECE AND THE MIDDLE EAST By Spiros Ch. Kaminaris This article examines Greece's policy in the Middle East. The focus is on how its own problems, especially with Turkey, have shaped Greece's foreign policy. Of special interest is the Greek handling of international terrorism originating from the Middle East and how different governments in Athens have followed varying approaches on these issues. International terrorism in this article is … [Read more...]

Friendly Restraint: U.S.-Israel Relations During the Gulf Crisis of 1990-1991

  Volume 3, No. 2 - June 1999 FRIENDLY RESTRAINT: U.S.-ISRAEL RELATIONS DURING THE GULF CRISIS OF 1990-1991 By Scott B. Lasensky Editor's Summary: This article examines the U.S. policy of restraining Israeli action against Iraq during the 1991 war, both before and after Iraq fired missiles at Israeli population centers. It analyzes the motives, methods and success of the American effort, as well as the factors sharping Israel's policy and cooperation. Policymaking factors as well … [Read more...]

New Cohesion in Opec’s Cartel?: Pricing and Politics

NEW COHESION IN OPEC'S CARTEL?: PRICING AND POLITICS Volume 3, No. 2 - June 1999 NEW COHESION IN OPEC'S CARTEL?: PRICING AND POLITICS By James Richard Editor's Summary: Political and economic considerations have led OPEC, under Saudi leadership, to make its most concerted effort in years to raise prices after a long period of declining income. This plan seems more likely to work than its predecessors to help oil-producers avoid a potentially … [Read more...]

Islamic Mediation Techniques for Middle East Conflicts

  Volume 3, No. 2 - June 1999 ISLAMIC MEDIATION TECHNIQUES FOR MIDDLE EAST CONFLICTS By George E. Irani Editor's Summary: This article reviews traditional, Islamic techniques for resolving disputes and encouraging conciliation as tools applicable to contemporary regional conflicts. It discusses unique aspects of disputes in Middle East societies and why, to some extent, these characteristics contradict assumptions from Western-developed conflict resolution techniques. Many Middle … [Read more...]