January 28, 2021

The Middle East at the Beginning of 2014


"We are at the beginning of a very long and profound transformation," says President Barak Obama. True. Nowhere is this truer than the Middle East.Egypt, the largest and most populous Arab country, seems to have settled down into the type of military regime that has existed since 1952, except for 2011 to 2013 when it had an Islamist government. Nevertheless, there have been some important changes in Egypt. First, in the "Islamist" era, Egypt remains still at odds with the Muslim … [Read more...]

Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan Racist Against Obama; So Why Does Obama Idolize Him


One of the key factors about revolutionary Islamism is that it is an innately ant-American and racist doctrine. Usually this is seen through antisemitism or ant-Christian views (since in the case of Islam, religion now seems to have been reintepreted as a race when convenient) but sometimes there are different, but not highly publicized examples, such as the racism employed against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Palestinian and other Arabic newspaper cartoons. Can you imagine how the … [Read more...]

Interview on Turkey and Syria

Q: Are the protests in Turkey more Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street? A: The ideas that this is some far left thing is a slander by Islamists. Those involved include a wide front of social democrats, liberals, and conservatives (usually called center-right in Turkey), and all sorts of people who are tired of a ten-year-long march toward Islamism. This is the kind of thing we should be supporting. Instead, unfortunately, the Obama Administration is on the side of the democratically elected … [Read more...]

Massive Demonstrations Shake Turkey


More than 1000 people have been injured in several days of protests in Istanbul against Turkey’s Islamist regime, involving more than 90 demonstrations, the biggest anti-Islamist protest in a decade. Hundreds more were hurt in conflicts with police in Ankara, the capital. The demonstration began as an environmental protest about the destruction of a famous Istanbul park but had spread to Ankara, too. The movement began in Taksim Square, Istanbul’s most famous. The police responded toughly … [Read more...]

Turkey, Israel, and Syria: Why Things are Going Wrong


I was interviewed by Radikal, possibly the best Turkish newspaper today. What is your assessment of the current state of relations between Turkey and Israel? Relations will remain bad because Prime Minister Erdogan wants it to be that way. No matter what Israel does—as we have just seen—he will find excuses to do so. Are relations as tense as they seem or both parties play the tough guy before the cameras whereas they enjoy better relations behind the scenes? Relations are as … [Read more...]

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Praised at White House as He Puts Knife In U.S.’s Back


Consider five factors that had no effect on the very warm reception given by  President Barack Obama to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: –While the U.S. government has pressured Erdogan not to visit the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Erdogan announced in the White House Rose Garden that he would do so. An alleged U.S. ally says publicly in front of Obama while being hosted by him that he is going to defy the United States. This is not some routine matter. With previous presidents, … [Read more...]

Erdogan’s Kurdish Gambit


Jerusalem Post, 17/5 On May 8th, fighters of the Kurdish PKK militia began to withdraw from their positions in Turkey, bound for their mountain strongholds in Kurdish-ruled northern Iraq. The decision by the PKK to withdraw is the result of orders issued by jailed movement leader Abdullah Ocalan. The re-energizing of the Turkish-Kurdish ‘peace process’ is one of the most important of the phenomena generated by the seismic shifts currently under way in the Middle East. But the foundations … [Read more...]

Turkey’s Regime Fails Abroad; Is World Champion at Fundamental Transformation at Home


  A Turkish friend just wrote me that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sold his soul to the Devil. That implies Erdogan is succeeding on every front, as if by magic. More accurately, however, the trick is that Erdogan’s foreign policy is failing on almost every front but he’s able to convince Turks that the situation is the exact opposite. Let’s examine the list of developments in objective terms: –He has made no progress on membership or integration in the European … [Read more...]

Israel-Turkish Detente, An Important Turkish Motive for Seeking It Now


There’s an important and totally new piece of information explaining the Israel-Turkish rapprochement in what an Israeli diplomat told a Turkish journalist, Tulin Daloglu, regarding a key reason why Turkey wanted to move now in accepting the Israeli offer that it previously rejected for more than 18 months. In addition, to the motive of mutual worry about Syria’s future and some other things: “Turkish export routes to the east used to go through Syria, to the East and to the Gulf. … [Read more...]

Did Israel `Apologize’ to Turkey? Well, No, Not Exactly


Israel apologizes to Turkey, reads every headline. That simply isn’t true in the sense it is taken to imply. To understand what happened one must examine the long negotiations on this issue. The issue began when several ships were sent to break the Israeli sanctions on the Gaza Strip in May 2010. These sanctions were put on by Israel—Egypt, then under the government of President Husni Mubarak, had its own restrictions—against a radical Islamist regime in the Gaza Strip that openly … [Read more...]