December 29, 2020

Israel: An Introduction


Israel: An Introduction, a project by the Global Research in International Affairs Center (GLORIA), of the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, and published by Yale University Press will be in stores on February 21st, 2012.

“What’s unique about Israel: An Introduction,” said Professor Barry Rubin, the book’s editor and one of its authors, “is that it is the first book to provide a comprehensive picture of modern Israel including land and people, geography, society, economy, and culture, as well as its history and politics.

“This book is a milestone that, for the first time in the short history of the study of modern Israel, will act as a guide for readers to learn about the Jewish state. It is good for use in courses or for the general reader and also as a textbook for high school and college level courses.”

Edited by Barry Rubin, Director of the GLORIA Center, Editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs Journal and a leading historian of the Middle East, Israel is organized around six major themes: Land and people, history, society, politics, economics, and culture. Finally, Israel: An Introduction provides useful reference lists by topic for those who may be inspired to read further.

The book is a significant contribution to Israel Studies at large. Its official publication date is January 24, 2012. Israel is already being pre-sold and promoted to hundreds of institutions in Israel, the United States, and worldwide.

GLORIA has launched a campaign to encourage the book’s use for Israel education by the Israeli government, Jewish community organizations, Jewish and Israel studies programs at major universities, and the general public.

It is available in paperback and in digital e-book format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the iTunes bookstore.

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